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With Blazer Jobs, you’re partnering with a team of dedicated recruiting and hiring professionals that are committed to helping you build a future you love. We understand that your school-based career is about more than punching a time clock. It’s about realizing your dreams and creating a life that is as fulfilling and rewarding as you’ve always imagined. Blazer Jobs is here is connect the dots between you, the students who need you, and the destinations that fuel your passion for adventure.

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A great company to work with. They are always very friendly and understanding and respond to questions and concerns quickly.
A great company to work for. Hires school professionals of all kinds.
Blazer Jobs is one of the best employments I’ve ever had. The hiring process has been one of the easiest in all my other past jobs experiences. The company is committed to the employees and has excellent communication.
I was not sure what to expect being that it was my first time applying through an agency and from a remote location. However, from beginning to end of the process, I was really impressed by both Blazer Jobs optimistic efficiency and the personalized care.
My experience with Blazer Jobs has been great so far! I recently graduated from college and started looking for a new teaching job. Right from the first day that my recruiter, Corrine Brown, called me, she made sure to keep me up to speed with all requirements of the onboarding process every step of the way.

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