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Jun 6, 2022

How to Become a School Psychologist

School psychology is a dynamic and exciting field. If you want to impact student behavior and academic success directly, this…

Jun 6, 2022

School SLP Interview Questions

If you’re ready to start your career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, you might be wondering how the interview process may…

May 5, 2022

6 Things Every Teacher Should Do This Summer

Summertime is upon us and if you’re a teacher that means you finally get a break from all the chaos…

Feb 2, 2021

Why Choose a Travel Therapy Job in 2021

After 2020, are you left wondering if there is…more? Don’t get us wrong. You’re killing it at life. Look at…

Oct 10, 2020

How to Travel on a Budget

When it comes to traveling, budgeting ahead of time is key to a cost-effective and relaxing trip. Planning before you…

Aug 8, 2020

How to Search for School-Based Jobs During the Pandemic

It can certainly seem daunting to search for a new job while navigating life during the pandemic. However, there are…

Jul 7, 2020

5 Tips for Working from Home as a Teletherapist

There are several benefits that come along with teletherapy including the ability to create a flexible schedule and comfortable working…

Feb 2, 2020

How to Create A Successful Year As A Travel Therapist

Creating both professional and personal goals for the New Year is a great way to set you up for success….

Feb 2, 2020

3 Benefits Of Working As A Travel Therapist

Travel jobs have become an increasingly popular career path, especially for the millennial generation. There are several unique benefits to…

Feb 2, 2020

Bringing Your Pet On Travel Assignment

Traveling across the country to a new destination is an exciting adventure and one that some of us like to…

Feb 2, 2020

Tips On Writing A Travel Therapy Resume

Resumes are the first impression you can give to an employer or recruiter. The key to a great resume to…

Feb 2, 2020

A Guide To Washington State

It’s no wonder why the the people of Washington truly love their state. Apart from being in a beautiful location…